Monthly Archives: February 2014

It never rains but it pours

We’ve not been having a lot of fun in the West Country, as you may well have seen on the news. We’ve been getting quite a lot of this:


So in the interests of keeping cheerful, I offer you my Gratuitous Terrier Pic for February:


His name is Stan, and this picture was taken in September, just after we’d been to Hull and back to pick him up. He’s grown a bit since, and now looks pretty much like this:


Note the rim of mud round his nose. Stan’s new pastime is digging random holes in the flower beds. When he’s not doing that, he quite likes to collect shoes and leave them around in attractive piles. Oh, and rip up bits of tissue.


Ta dah!


Back from the pistes, all bones intact, and super proud to reveal the cover for my upcoming YA thriller, Now You See Me. I love the edgy, sinister feel, which I think cleverly gets across the tone of the book, without giving too much away. And that gorgeous, zingy green!

Now You See Me was inspired by a true story, one I read in a Sunday supplement some years ago. It was so fascinating, so full of suspense, that my mind wouldn’t let it alone. Though the book I eventually wrote involves very different characters and outcomes, that kernel of truth behind the fiction still captivates me. Truth can really be stranger than anything you read in the pages of a novel.

So what’s it about? Well, without spoiling any of the plot twists, I can tell you that Now You See Me follows the story of Hannah, whose best friend, 13-year-old Danny, disappears one sunny September afternoon. Hannah soon finds herself sucked into what feels like a never-ending quest to find him, but Danny has seemingly vanished without trace. One year on, and Hannah has lost all hope of ever seeing him again.

Intrigued? I hope so. Now You See Me will release on the 1st May, published by the fabulous Usborne. Let me know what you think on my Facebook page – – or drop me a tweet @Emma_Haughton. You can also sign up for news of this and other releases via the form on the left.

I’ll leave you with a little taster…

“It’s not him. The body in the water. It’s not Danny.”

            I waited for the impact, for the news to sink in, to flood me with elation. But there was nothing. Only numbness.

            This was good news. So why did I feel so defeated?

            Then it hit me.

            A darker, deeper, buried part of me had been hoping all this was finally over.