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Little furry feelings

A recent study proved something that every dog lover knows: dogs feel jealousy. The US researchers videoed 36 dogs and found that most barely reacted when their owners ignored them and read aloud from a pop-up picture book. But when their owners lavished attention on a realistic-looking stuffed dog, their pets showed classic signs of jealousy – touching the toy or trying to get between it, some even growling and snapping at their ‘rival’.

I’m not in the least bit surprised. Our oldest terrier, Mrs Perkins, hated it when my partner and I cuddled, and would try and force her way between us. When we brought in another doggy rival in the form of Stanley, her jealousy was plain to see. If we even so much as look at poor Stan, Mrs Perkins noses her way into the action. ‘I’m top dog,’ you can see her thinking. ‘Me first.’

Interestingly, someone who recently read Now You See Me mentioned that Rudman, the dog in the book, seems like a character in himself. I realised she was right – I did see Rudman as another character, one that is not easily fooled and has strong opinions on what’s happening in the story. Indeed, he plays a significant part in the action.

And yes, I do see my own dogs as just another member of the family. When you live side-by-side with a pet, it’s very clear that animals feel a range of emotions in just the same way humans do. They sulk, they quarrel, they play, they even tease – you only have to watch Stan lie in wait and ambush Mrs Perkins to know that he very much has a sense of humour.


Most of all, I’m convinced that dogs love us just as much as we love them. I came across two videos last week that back me up. Just watch the one above where a Schnauzer is overcome with emotion when his own returns after a two-year absence. Or this one where a dog literally cries for joy on the lap of a soldier returning after a six-month tour of duty.



Here, have a tissue.


Red Arrows

Watching-the-red-arrows-perHeWhoIsNeverWrong got it a bit… err wrong. There we were, just making a bite to eat before going down into Lyme Regis to watch the Red Arrows perform for Lifeboat Week at seven o’clock, according to HWINW. At just after six there is a thunderous roar over our heads as said Arrows race over our house and down towards the beach.


Still, we hot-footed it up to the loft and watched a  fantastic display over the town. One plane zoomed back towards us and got so close HWISW claimed he could see the pilot inside.

Still, he was a little red-faced about the timing. Though, of course, he insists we were better off watching it from home anyway.

Two bits of good news



Long time no updates, but I’m making up for it with two bits of good news about Now You See Me. It’s just been picked as one of iTunes Book’s Teen Summer Reads.  So I’m pretty chuffed about that.

And I can finally announce that Now You See Me has also sold to Germany, in a deal with CBJ Verlag, the German arm of Random House. So if anyone wants to brush up on their German, it’s coming out in Spring 2015. ‘Hurra!’ as they say over in Deutschland. Danke schoen!