Monthly Archives: August 2014

Now you’ve seen me

Back from Edinburgh and the Grand Tour of Scotland and almost recovered from all that rushing around. Had a fabulous time, especially at the book festival, where I was privileged to appear with Anne Cassidy.Today's-signings

Anne has written over 40 books – forty! – so all I had to do was follow her lead. During-the-eventThe event itself went very well, and I actually enjoyed myself – though the hours running up to it left me looking ‘like a dog that had just realised it was on its way to the vet’, as my other half put it. It was enormous fun interacting with readers in the flesh as opposed to online. Actual real people!

Here I am signing some copies of Now You See Me for them.

SigningAnd here I am, well and truly on the shelf:On-the-shelf

Also caught up with some of my favourite online writing friends. Here I am, having tea with fellow thriller writer Helen Grant – check out her brilliant books here.Helen and me

See you in Scotland

EIBF_colour_logo1Am in a flurry of packing for my forthcoming trip up to Edinburgh for its renowned book festival. If you’re in the area, you can catch me appearing with Anne Cassidy at 7pm next Tuesday 19th August, where we’ll be discussing how to separate truth from fiction in a novel – should be interesting!


Then I’m off to tour Scotland for a week, as I’m ashamed to say that apart from one very rushed afternoon in Dunoon, I’ve never been there. I’m really excited about seeing Loch Ness and all the sights.

See you when I get back, if I don’t see you up there. Toodles!

An evening at the races

Terrier-racesBrilliant birthday yesterday, ending with a trip to the annual terrier racing at Yarcombe in Devon. Words cannot describe the sheer lunacy of this event. Terriers everywhere. Yapping, running, tussling. And that’s just those watching. The competing dogs had a somewhat eclectic approach to racing. One event had to restart because the terriers seemed more interested in chasing each other than the fake-rabbit lure. The second race was delayed because the winner of the first race refused to let go of the prize. It took a full five minutes of persuasion before he’d give it up.

Neither of our terriers got to run, sadly, as competition for places was fierce. But Stanley (below) was an enthusiastic spectator, and is now in training for next year’s races.