Monthly Archives: September 2015

Summer time, and the living was busy

It’s been a properly hectic few months at Haughton Towers. Most of it good. Was over the moon that Now You See Me got picked for the Amazon summer sale and climbed the charts to a giddying #31 in the Kindle store. Here’s the proof!

No 31 in Kindle - NYSM

In the meantime I headed up to Scotland for a couple of events for the Edinburgh Book Festival, including my first full-length talk, at Glasgow’s beautiful Mitchell library. mitchell library

Had a fabulous time – once I’d got over my awful nerves – and the kids were absolutely great, asking a ton of interesting questions. My favourite? ‘When are you going to write your last book?’ Errr…

Next morning, Tim Bowler and I were interviewed by Daniel Hahn on the subject of gripping thrillers. Another great audience from the surrounding schools. Headlining-at-the-Ed-Book-f

Here’s a pic of me and the amazing Tim Bowler, signing books after the event. I felt really honoured to be appearing alongside Carnegie medal winner Tim, especially as I’d first met him on an Arvon course for writing children’s fiction. I could hardly believe I was actually appearing alongside him several years later. His latest book, Game Changer, is brilliant, by the way. Me and Tim Bowler - Ed book fest

But Edinburgh wasn’t all work and no play. I found time to hop on one of those open bus tours, with great views of Arthur’s Seat


and these boys with bagpipes outside the Greyfriar’s Bobby pub


I was also pretty mesmerised by this:Edinburgh-cakes

Sadly, my last night in Edinburgh didn’t go quite so well. On the way back to the hotel, I got into an argument with a paving stone in Charlotte Square. It won.hand

Result? Two broken fingers and a very swollen, bruised hand. All healing nicely now, but it’s made typing something of a challenge. Have to say a huge thank you, though, to the tremendous staff at the A&E department of Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, particularly for that gas and air! And to everyone at the book festival for having me, and looking after me so well. Sorry I can’t be trusted to get back to my hotel in one piece!

Anyway, I’m back home now, with the splint off and a full set of edits to embark on for Book 3, as yet untitled. So watch this space…