Better Left Buried

Fiction - Better Left Buried - front coverBrother dead…best friend missing…house ransacked…stalked by a stranger…attacked in the street…And Sarah has no idea why. She never knew her brother was hiding a dark secret when he died. But now his actions have led the wolves to her door – and the only way out is to run. A tense, unnerving thriller that will set your heart racing.

When your life is in danger, who do you really want on your side? Someone good, someone decent, someone who only ever does the right thing?

Couldn’t the opposite be true? What if, when your world grows dark, you’re better off with someone who’s lived in the shadows? Someone who’s seen and done things you can’t even imagine. Someone who’d prepared to do whatever it takes.

Maybe, when your life threatens to collapse beneath you, the only person  who can help is the last person on earth you should actually trust.

‘YA meets Scandi in this psychological thriller… A real page-turner from the unputdownable Carnegie Medal-nominated author.’   The Sunday Express

‘Emma Haughton writes amazingly. Her books are really gripping and really, really hooking.’   Lucy the Reader

‘Emma’s writing is highly engrossing, precise and gritty… Better Left Buried was spellbindingly brilliant ‘   Dark Dictator book reviews

‘I loved Better Left Buried – such a fab book!’   Lee Weatherly, author of the Angel and Broken Skies trilogies.

‘A really pacey, satisfying thriller.’   Kendra Leighton, author of Glimpse

‘Better Left Buried is perfectly plotted, has realistically flawed and engaging characters and keeps the reader turning those pages to find out what on earth is happening.’   Parenting Without Tears

‘This book is perfectly paced, with each chapter revealing just a little more to keep you turning the pages…Emma Haughton obviously has a super power – she knows how to reel her readers in and won’t let them go until the last line!’   Serendipity Reviews

Better Left Buried confirms [Emma Haughton’s] reputation for taut, well-plotted psychological thrillers. A book to send shivers down the spine.’   Lovereading4kids

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